Adobe Creative Type

I recently took the Adobe Creative Type test and it said I am a “Maker - Dedicated to My Craft”

Creative Strengths - Focus and dedication, ability to achieve mastery

Driven, focused, and dedicated to the creative process, the MAKER has mastered the art of manifesting ideas and visions into form. Society greatly benefits from the work of MAKER types, who develop the systems, structures, tools, and innovations that the rest of us rely on.

One of the hardest workers of all the types, the MAKER is almost always busy solving problems, making headway on personally meaningful goals, and completing projects. There are few things that bring you more satisfaction than applying your brain power to crafting things and making progress in any form. You tend to excel in design, crafts, architecture, and other fields that blend artistry with business and technology.

So what that means for you is that I am dedicated to manifesting ideas and visions into tangible assets that solve problems for my clients. I will spend time learning about and analyzing your needs to create innovative solutions to help your business.

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Chris Majors