Case Study: Three Rivers Hospital

Our work at Three Rivers Hospital helped 2017 and 2018 be their first and second profitable years in over a decade. Three Rivers Hospital is a rural medical facility in Brewster, Washington. When Majors Creative came on board in 2017 Three Rivers had been without dedicated PR and Marketing for over two years, so we had we joined this awesome team and hit the ground running. Creating fun, informative, connecting and engaging content and story driven where ever possible.



We have produced, shot, and edited a variety of fun and informative videos for Three Rivers Hospital.

Three Rivers Hospital


Whether we are helping an aging facility shine, documenting the staff at work, or taking head shots for management, we have put the full range of our photographic capabilities to the work for Three Rivers Hospital.



From design and install of the hospital’s first signage plan, to digital ads, to billboards, to annual reports and more we created a vast amount of graphic design work for Three Rivers.